Toronto Condo and Townhouse Boiler Upgrade.

There are many condominiums and stacked townhomes in the Greater Toronto Area that have an aged combi boiler tank, and water heater system. These aged units are large in size, taking up an entire closet, and have a serious risk to leak, causing flood damage.

The Solution is the Rinnai i090CN


Energy Efficiency Rating

rinnai i090CN Combi

The most effective upgrade for this layout is the low maintenance, Rinnai i-Series Energy Star rated and compact, tankless combination boiler. The most common size and universal model is the i090CN, with an input rating of 90K BTU, natural gas fueled, and the highest energy efficiency rating of 95.9%. The power of the instant hot water produced is enough to run nearly 3 showers at the same time, allowing you to have consistent water temperatures.

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Low maintenance means more value.

A big part of our company is wanting to help you get the most life you can out of your heater without having to pay service fees for someone to have to do the cleaning. We can help walk you though the simple annual service you can easily do yourself. However, we would be more than happy to come out and provide these services to you anytime.

The i-Series Rinnai combi boilers also have a newly designed self-cleaning stainless steel heat exchanger that does not require annual vinegar flushes. This new innovation is only available on Rinnai i-Series brand models , as most other tankless brand models recommend vinegar flushes annually.

When should I repalce my combi boiler tank?

If your boiler water tank is over 10 years old, you need to consider this upgrade to high efficiency. We have many cases of flooded homes that has caused havoc inside buildings and destruction to neighboring units as well.

The tank boilers can be at risk to leak after 10 years of use. An urgency to replace the aged equipment stems from home insurance policies, which in most cases, do not cover water damage from tanks over 10 years old.



Get a no hassle guarantee when you use our expert installation services.

Our expert installation of the Rinnai i090CN combi boiler includes 5 years full warranty. These models come with a 12 year heat exchanger warranty. City Home Comfort has decades of experience in boiler services and can agree this product is designed to last 20 years.

6 months at 0% for Rinnai

The Rinnai i090CN with its compact wall mounted design saves space over traditional boilers. This allows use of the much needed closet space, that was wasted by the large tank.

The upgrade to tankless will also increase the property value of your home. That means your investment would be covered if you decide to sell the property. Once your system has been converted to tankless, it is a simple replacement in the future.

Your Condominium oe townhouse with a tank boiler has equipment that uses a fan coil to blow air through a radiator for their heating system. That radiator is connected to a combination boiler which is also used to heat the home, and supply domestic hot water.

To get a free no obligation price, contact us and one of are knowledgeable advisors will answer all of your questions.


Are you paying a monthly charge for an older boiler that is from a rental agreement?

City Home Comfort does not reccomend rental HVAC products due to poor value it provides to the customer.

Read the terms before you sign any equipment rental/lease agreements, as these contracts tend to cost a lot more in the long run.

It is common practice for homes to be sold with a rental boiler system. So, it has become a normal procedure in Ontario to rent this equipment and pay thousands of dollars more than the actual retail value of them. Most homeowners are shocked to find out the real terms of these agreements.

If you have signed a rental/lease agreement already, your rights allow you to cancel within 10 days of signing. You do not have to provide a reason for cancelling.

Do not sign until you have clearly read and understood the terms of the agreement, or consulted with legal counsel.

Consumer Protection Ontario has enforced companies present clearer terms to homeowners. For more information, you may contact the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

For example some companies are offering the Rinnai i090CN for a monthly rental price at $135 + Tax per month. The rental agreement is based on a 15 year term, which can be verified with a closer look. It clearly states that the retail price of the equipment is $11,863.87, and that the total payable amount of the agreement is $28,067.17.


Consumer Protection Page of Rental Agreement

We offer the fairest low payment options:

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