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Mitsubishi Electric Zuba Central Ducted Heat Pump System

Mitsubishi Electric Zuba Central

With Zuba Central, year-round comfort is finally available for the whole home. Designed for the Canadian market, Zuba operates at 100% heating capacity at -15°C and continues to deliver exceptional heating performance when the outdoor temperature drops as low as -30°C* and beyond.
The unique defrost mechanism provides an extended period of continuous heating between defrost cycles and minimizes the defrost time required.

Unmatched Efficiency

By delivering exceptional heating performance in the winter and effortless cooling in the summer, Zuba delivers year-round comfort with or without a supplemental indoor heating device.

Additionally, Zuba’s unique hot-start technology provides warmth from the moment it’s turned on, helping to reduce drafts.

Zuba Central is packed with so many advances, including energy-saving technologies like VCSI and Hyper-Heat Inverter (H2I); we have no hesitation calling it the standard for whole-home comfort all year round.

Zuba Central combines heat pump technology with centralized air ducts to provide comfortable heating and cooling year-round. A Zuba heat pump is the most effective option for electrically heated homes with a duct system.

*All versions of models MXZ-4C36NAHZ, MXZ-5C42NAHZ, MXZ-8C48NAHZ, PUZ-HA24NHA, PUZ-HA30/36/42NKA, SUZ-KA24/30/36NAHZ. Includes tolerance. Units can operate down to -30°C and beyond, depending on conditions.

Net-Zero Heat Pumps are the future!

Mitsubishi Electric offers energy savings for homes using oil, electricity, or propane. The heat pump is becoming the system of choice for sustainable comfort, helping residential, municipal and commercial facilities around the world heat and cool environments while also lowering energy costs, energy consumption and carbon footprints—which ultimately helps reduce the global impact of greenhouse gases.

Zuba-Central – Heat Pump Designed for the Canadian Climate

Mitsubishi Electric utilizes its exclusive hyper heat inverter technology. This technology modifies the refrigeration cycle in the heat pump to help maintain a steady flow of refrigerant, even on the coldest winter days. Despite their high performance, Mitsubishi Electric’s Zuba Central heat pumps continue to provide exceptional comfort.

Traditional heating and cooling systems often struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Zuba Central heat pump uses variable compressor speed inverter technology instead of the usual on/off cycle. This excellent feature constantly detects the room temperature and adjusts the compressor speed accordingly to deliver a more consistent temperature and efficient operation.

The Zuba Central delivers peace of mind and comfort with lasting quality.


Mitsubishi Electric Zuba Central Ducted Air Handler and Heat Pump.

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