INTERIOS™ Hybrid Central Heat Pump

Upgrade your home’s HVAC system with the latest breakthrough in technology: The Panasonic INTERIOS™ Central Heat Pump. The Panasonic Hybrid HVAC Solution is the best choice for homeowners prioritizing energy efficiency and year-round comfort.

    • -35­°­C Cold climate heating operation
    • Base pan heater included
    • Upto 16.8 SEER2 and ENERGY STAR® rated
    • Eligible product for the Canada Greener Homes Grant with up to $7,100 Rebate (*for Enbridge customers)

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Panasonic Hybrid Central Heat Pump System

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This dual-fuel central A-Coil Heat Pump System is expertly designed to collaborate with your furnace, providing a seamless, high-efficiency solution for whole-home heating and cooling throughout the year.

Notably, this Energy Star-certified system boasts a unique built-in base pan heater that guarantees heating even in frigid temperatures as low as -35°C (-31°F).

Cooling Season: Leveraging an inverter heat pump, homeowners can look forward to significant reductions in energy bills, thanks to its high-efficiency cooling capabilities.


Heating Season: Dive into the bliss of dual comfort during colder months. Enjoy the reliability and efficiency of both gas furnace heating and heat pump heating combined in one unit.

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Key Features:


  • High Performance: With an impressive rating of up to 16.8 SEER2.
  • Versatile Options: Available in diverse capacities ranging from 1.5 to 4-ton models.
  • Optimal Heating: Achieves superior low ambient heat output, producing 80% output even at a chilling -15°C (-4°F) and maintaining continuous operation down to -35°C (-31°F).
  • Customizable User Experience: Provides a user-customizable set point for seamless switching between the heat pump and auxiliary heat based on desired temperatures.
  • Cost-Efficient Installation: Enables reduced replacement installation costs by harnessing existing refrigerant lines and control wiring.
  • Advanced Technology: Features advanced inverter control paired with intelligent diagnostics and an adaptive control system.

Silent and Efficient: Operate in serenity with noise levels as low as 59 dBA for the 1.5-ton inverter heat pump, and relish in quick heating and cooling thanks to its state-of-the-art compressor activation technology.

Panasonic Extreme Heat Pump

For those residing in zones known for their extreme cold, Panasonic INTERIOS™ provides an unparalleled solution.

Available Outdoor Unit Models: CU-HE18YAHK6, CU-HE24YAHK6, CU-HE30YAHK6, CU-HE36YAHK6, CU-HE48YAHK6

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Quiet operation

Panasonic systems are amongst the quietest in the world, so you can enjoy the comfort of running your air conditioner at night and still have a relaxing sleep. The outdoor unit is also very quiet, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your neighbours up.

Built tough to last

Furthermore, Panasonic outdoor units are built to last in harsh Canadian environments. Internal components of the outdoor unit are coated with a blue coating that protects the unit from the damaging effects of salty air, dust, wind and rain. This special coating lets you enjoy more years of reliable comfort.

You can count on Panasonic.

Lastly, Panasonic heat pumps are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure years of reliable comfort. With City Home Comfort as your trusted pro, we back our reliability by offering a limited 10-year part and labour warranty.

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