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We know when you’re looking for free furnace estimates it can get confusing. This free furnace cost estimator process has no obligation. We offer it to provide you the fairest options and no pressure.

Due to these unprecedented times we understand safety is important. So, we are now providing warp speed virtual furnace estimates to all customers.

Looking to replace a furnace? Fill out the form below and get a detailed quote fast. Its very simple, efficient and safe!

Have pictures of your furnace ready to upload. Fill it out now, and you’ll get a detailed quote with multiple options emailed to you.

After submitting your form we will be sending your estimate to your email address. But, if the email is not correct please re-submit the form with the correct email address. This Greater Toronto Furnace Estimate page is designed to ensure you get the most accurate quote sent to you.

Getting a free furnace estimate has never been easier. This furnace cost calculator provides a simple method for homeowners and our team to work together.

We offer furnaces from Trane, Amana, and Rheem. The reason why we have selected these 3 brands to install. Firstly, they offer the best warranties on the market. Secondly, they include fully stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers. Thirdly, we have had the least amount of call backs from these specific brands.

See our Trane factory dealer profile and book an appointment. Trane offers the highest in technology and quality. Also, Trane furnaces include digitally adjustable control boards. Meaning, the most precise tuning customized to fit your home.

We would love to here feedback about any suggestion you may have to better our form. Please fill out this brief survey to help better our furnace cost estimator.

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