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Air Conditioning

When it’s hot outside, the last thing you need is for your air conditioner to stop working. If that does happen, all you need to do is call us and we’ll take care of the rest. City Home Comfort offers professional air conditioner repair and installation in Toronto that you can depend on. Our team is made up of TSSA-qualified technicians who can ensure that you receive reliable cooling when you need it most. We won’t leave you waiting in the heat for too long, and our know-how and expertise means we can repair any make or model in any environment.

Central air conditioning

At City Home Comfort we carry only the best and most well-respected air conditioning systems, including Trane and Carrier. With Trane, you know what you are getting is high-quality. They offer outstanding warranties, high efficiency levels, and have the technology and design to be leaders in their industry.

Trane Air Conditioners: Built for Reliability

The two hardest-working components in every air conditioner are the compressor and the coil. So needless to say, they have to be dependable. The Climatuff® compressor you’ll find at the heart of every Trane XR air conditioner is a marvel of reliability, known throughout the industry for providing years of trouble-free comfort. Designed for long lasting performance, the Climatuff has been tested in some of the worst conditions possible, to make sure it’s tough enough to wear the Climatuff name.

The other half of the comfort equation is Trane’s all aluminum Spine Fin™ coil. Unlike traditional copper and aluminum coils, the Spine Fin coil is highly resistant to corrosion and leaks, yet still extremely efficient at transferring heat. Together, your Climatuff compressor and Spine Fin coil will provide you with years of trouble-free comfort in even the worst weather.

Visit our AC Repair and Installation for more information on recommended upkeep and maintenance.

Ductless air conditioning

Ductless systems allow us to install a cooling system in a house that has no existing ductwork or to supplement existing forced air cooling systems (primarily used in homes with third stories or converted attics that do not have effective cooling from the home’s main system).

Ductless air conditioners are an great addition to your home’s comfort system, and an efficient solution for:

Homes that have no existing ductwork

Supplementary cooling for areas such as additions, garages, bonus rooms

Landlords needing to cool multiple units inside a building

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