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How to Find the Best Heating System in the Greater Toronto Area

Best Heating System

Toronto’s a beautiful city with beautiful winters. That being said, it gets cold in these parts. As such, it’s necessary for Toronto residents and business owners to make use of heating systems. 

Are you on the search for a heating system? Wondering how to find the best heating system in the greater Toronto area? Read on to find out! 

Find the Right HVAC Company 

In order to find the perfect heating system, you have to find the right HVAC company. The quality of the HVAC company you hire will have a large effect on the quality of the heating system you receive. When searching for the appropriate HVAC company, look for these characteristics. 

Find a Company With Ample Experience

First and foremost, your HVAC company needs to have some experience under its belt. Companies with experience understand the heating system installation process and will be able to carry out a proper installation.

At a minimum, your selected HVAC company should have 5 years of experience. After all, if a company has lasted for 5 years, it likely has the ability to get the job done. 

Find a Company With Reputable Suppliers

Most HVAC companies work with designated suppliers, utilizing those suppliers’ products when carrying out installations in homes and commercial properties. Your goal is to find an HVAC company whose suppliers are reputable. 

When it comes to heating, there are a few suppliers you should look out for. On the furnace front, these suppliers include Trane, and Amana; On the boiler front, these suppliers include NTI, and Viessman; If you’re looking for ductless heating, you should keep an eye out for Trane, and Mitsubishi. 

Find a Company That Offers Warranties

Though heating systems are designed to thrive through years and years of use, they can incur unforeseen problems. To counteract such problems, you want to be sure that they’re covered under warranty. 

There are two types of warranties you need to be cognizant of. One is the manufacturer’s warranty. It comes with the purchase of the furnace or boiler itself and covers any manufacturing flaws that may arise within the first few years of the system’s use. 

The other warranty is the labor warranty. Labor warranties are provided by HVAC companies, and they cover most of the labor-related costs that arise after the installation of the system. 

When searching for an HVAC company, you want to be sure that it provides a labor warranty. While most HVAC companies do, there are some that don’t. 

Compare Your Heating Options

There are a few different types of heating that you can utilize, each of which offers its own pros and cons. Below, we’re going to get into the specifics of each. 


One of the most popular heating systems is the furnace. Furnaces can be powered either by gas or by electricity. Regardless of what they’re powered by, they work in tandem with a duct system in order to force heated air into different rooms throughout a house. 

The gas furnace is the cheaper of the two options, not only in terms of the purchase price but in terms of operation as well. That said, electric furnaces are quite affordable as well. 

The downside to furnaces? They require the installation of duct systems. And unfortunately, the installation of such a system could set you back thousands of dollars. 


The 2nd most popular heating system is the boiler system. Boiler systems heat homes by heating water and transferring it through wall-mounted pipes. More efficient than furnace systems, they are often cheaper to operate. 

Like furnaces, boilers can be powered by either gas or electricity. Again, the gas models are generally cheaper to operate. 

The downside to boiler systems? They’re relatively expensive, costing more than furnaces when it comes to the purchase price.  

Ductless Mini-Split System 

Another option for you to consider is the ductless mini-split system. These systems are designed to accommodate just one room and are mounted on the interior walls of the rooms that they serve. 

What’s unique about ductless mini-split systems is that they can deliver both heat and cold. As such, they can be used to heat your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer. 

Mini-splits run on electricity. Because of this, they’re fairly expensive to operate. However, if you’re only using a single unit, it will ultimately cost less to run than a full furnace or boiler system. 

The big problem with ductless mini-split systems is that, if you’re going to use them as a whole-home heating solution, you will need to buy several units. Unfortunately, buying several units will end up costing you much more than if you had just installed a furnace or a boiler. 

All of that said, if you’re only trying to heat a single room, a ductless mini-split system would be the ideal option. Furthermore, ductless systems are not designed to heat in extremely cold weather, so they may not be sufficient during a real cold-snap when temperatures in Southern Ontario dip below -15 degrees Celsius. While this is relatively rare in Toronto compared to some other parts of Canada, it does happen.

Wood Stove

Looking to go traditional with it? If so, you could consider buying a wood stove. Wood stoves operate by burning wood logs or pellets and radiating heat throughout their respective homes. 

In truth, wood stoves are actually very cheap to operate. After all, wood is cheaper than gas and electricity. 

The problem with wood stoves, however, is that they’re exceedingly inconvenient to use. Not only do they require you to start a new fire every day, but they also require you to maintain a batch of wood. For many, this extra work isn’t worth the cost savings. 

This is not a great solution for central Toronto, and is more common in the countryside and more rural areas outside Toronto.

Looking for the Best Heating System in the Greater Toronto Area?

If you are, indeed, looking for the best heating system in the greater Toronto area, you needn’t look any further. City Home Comfort has you covered. 

Toronto’s leading heating and cooling company, we’ve been supplying top-notch heating systems to Toronto area residents since 1981. Whether you’re looking for a boiler or a furnace, our team can accommodate you. 

Contact us today to schedule a free no obligation in home consultation.

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brandy myers
brandy myers
14:45 21 Feb 20
The technician is a great guy. He does amazing work with a good attitude & is determined to get the job done. We had... our hot water tank & boiler installed in the past & recently had an expansion tank installed. There was some difficulty removing the old one, but Paul persevered & accomplished what needed to be done. I will continue using The same technicians & surely recommend them to anyone reading this to do the more
Keagan Makayla
Keagan Makayla
23:03 13 Feb 20
My dad had been using City before me and he was so pleased with them he pushed me to use them too. So far they have... cleaned and repaired my furnace and they have just been really excellent to work with. They’re courteous, they give you options, they don’t pressure you and they’re very thorough. I strongly recommend more
Belinda Rice
Belinda Rice
17:41 06 Feb 20
Had furnace replaced yesterday. The service technicians were very professional on all levels and did an excellent job.... We are also very happy with the actual furnace. From the beginning was a very smooth process. The sales person made is very simple to choose the right furnace for our needs. We would totally recommend this company for their products and more
Justen Pinto
Justen Pinto
21:05 05 Feb 20
City Home Comfort was great throughout the entire process of getting my new furnace. Shawn initially came and explained... what was wrong with my furnace (corroborated by other quotes), went through my house in detail to find issues with the heating, and gave me a transparent pricing. He knew I was getting quotes, but let me keep the details of the quote to show to other contractors. To test his trustworthiness, I mentioned that I was interested in two upgrades (I knew I only needed one of them, which was the less expensive of the two). He let me know that the second and more expensive one wasn't necessary for my home, which built a lot of trust. The technician that installed the furnace was friendly, quick, and punctual. He was very open to questions about the furnace and other aspects of the install that I inquired about. Everything was done better than I expected, and the process went extremely smoothly. Since moving into my house, I've had many contractors do work. I have trust issues with contractors in general because they are not usually open about pricing or they do shoddy jobs, but City Home Comfort was great!read more
catalin stefan
catalin stefan
23:08 29 Jan 20
I highly recommend this company. Long story short, my furnace broke this January over a weekend and had to be... replaced. Called several companies to get a quote and found City Home to be more client oriented and professional. They also offer better labor&parts warranty and better prices then other companies I contacted-for similar more
Daniel Lena
Daniel Lena
01:31 22 Jan 20
What I like best about dealing with Shawn from City Home Comfort is how honest and knowledgeable he was compared to... other sales people I dealt with while looking to replace my furnace. It was obvious the person who did the installation was a professional, he was on time, explained his work and left everything neat and tidy afterward. Thanks for great customer service!read more
Blanca Jordan
Blanca Jordan
21:48 25 Dec 19
I would highly recommend City home comfort . We recently moved into a house in Markham. Paul fixed many items for us.... He was professional, polite and extremely helpful. We felt pricing was fair as well. It was an all around great experience. Thanks!!read more
carrie mcclurg
carrie mcclurg
15:34 24 Dec 19
City home comfort individuals provided keen insight into our unique project. I appreciated their honest evaluation of... our situation and answered all our questions. Their professionalism was outstanding. I appreciate City Home comfort service professionals and will use their services again and againread more
gary dickartmw
gary dickartmw
22:36 23 Dec 19
We found our city home comfort experience very good. Darin our installation person was very courteous, professional and... informative. It is clearly evident that he takes great pride in his work. Afterward he explained everything and how to operate each system. We are happy with our more
steve Tana
steve Tana
15:56 22 Dec 19
I just wanted to take the time to tell you how nice Chris Carey was. He was courteous efficient and explained... everything his team was going to do. He also explained about future services we will need. We will have City home comfort back for future work Thank Youread more
mark Arif
mark Arif
19:19 22 Nov 19
Fantastic service!!! Starting with the office staff who was friendly, easy to talk to, and extremely helpful. I got an... appointment right away, then received a text message with a name when the tech was on his way. He was Friendly with my dogs and respectful of my home. He answered all my questions and tided up after his work, you would never know anyone had been their. Your my company from now on !!read more
Mike Welling
Mike Welling
12:00 06 Jun 19
Recently had a new central air conditioner installed. They were very helpful and patient in educating on what was... required, offered fair pricing and the installation was clean and professional. Happy to recommend City Home more
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