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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioner Repair

Stay cool and comfortable. Let City Home Comfort provide you with the peace of mind that comes with cooling your home safely.

We install, care for and make repairs to all name brands and types of air conditioning units, including Trane. Let our experienced and certified technicians provide you with the guidance and support to make the right decision for your installation, service, repair, and maintenance needs.

We also provide yearly inspections of the pipes and electrical connections for leaks or other damage, and can provide weatherproofing as needed. If any damage that typically occurs with wear over time is present, we can fix it following the inspection and waterproofing.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Comfort when it matters most

Lower energy costs

Increased air conditioner lifespan

Cleaner air

Less chance of costly repairs

Better A/C performance

All HVAC systems require regular care to operate at their peak, maintain efficiency, and stay safe. Every cooling system should be inspected by an expert at least once a year. With proactive care, you can save on utility costs and improve the lifespan of your cooling systems.

Our technicians will provide professional cleaning, adjustment and safety check up that is done for all models of AC systems to help ensure the best operation, safety and performance.

Avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs and save on energy costs by regularly maintaining your air condition system. At City Home Comfort, we have factory-authorized technicians who will perform regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure your system is running optimally.

When you combine superior products with the outstanding workmanship of our technicians, you can be confident that your cooling system will consistently meet or exceed your home comfort needs, season after comfortable season. We’re fully trained to perform maintenance on Trane equipment and other brands you may have.

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