In Toronto, building facilities require reliable heating systems to provide guaranteed heat in the winter. A high-efficiency commercial boiler will provide the best results and keep your property functioning optimally.

Choosing our certified team of expert technicians will ensure your equipment is serviced at the highest echelon. We provide around-the-clock monitoring to ensure you are not left in the cold if your equipment breaks down. To ensure the best performance Commercial Boilers require annual service and tuning. City Home Comfort has provided over 40 years of dedicated elite Commercial Boiler Services in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our client base includes hotels, office towers, and multi-residential buildings to name a few. Also, work well for commercial and industrial spaces. The boiler can also be used for other purposes aside from indoor comfort, such as water heating, pool heating, process heating, and snowmelt systems. In general, boilers will lower costs of infrastructure, maintenance, and repairs. Special high–efficiency systems may even qualify you for government rebates.

Boiler Safety and Maintenance

Remember that boilers are volatile systems containing very hot water or steam under high pressure. Care must be taken to ensure the boiler is clean and working properly and that all safety systems are functional and ready to work if needed. Hot water or steam leaks can cause serious injuries or damage. Boilers can explode, which can also cause serious injuries or death as well as catastrophic damage to your commercial facility.

Make sure your boiler receives regular preventive maintenance from a professional. This maintenance will not only ensure the system works properly and at its highest level of efficiency but that it also works safely. 

Expert installation and quality you can count on! At City Home Comfort, we want to make sure you have the best selection possible when it comes to your home heating needs, so we carry some of the best boiler brands in the industry, including NTI, Navien, and Viessmann.

Commercial Boiler Installations, Replacements, and Retrofits

Variety of Options

We have a great selection of boilers to suit the needs of any home, including combination boilers, high-efficiency condensing models,  that will keep your home warm and cost you less on energy bills.

Exact quotes for your peace of mind

Our estimates include full installation, removal/disposal of the old units, as well as all necessary lines, switches, tanks and wiring needed for the new system to run properly. It’s always suggested that these details are in the quote eliminating surprise costs. Prices are guaranteed before any work is done or deposits are taken.

Fast & Reliable Service

We guarantee fast and reliable service. As well as some of the best prices in the city for things like boiler installation, repairs and maintenance. Specializing in round-the-clock emergency service for those unexpected breakdowns. So, you can be assured your home stays warm.

NTI Combi Installation CHC

High Quality

You are here trying to find the best boiler service in Toronto. We are certified as Elite Technicians with the worlds leading Manufacturers. Meaning, you know you are getting combi boiler brand names with the best guarantee.

Honest and Transparent Policy:

You can rely on our experienced technicians for fast and honest service. Providing very fair prices when you need a boiler upgrade, maintenance services, or repairs. Get a repair service and we will credit you back the cost of labour if you decide to replace your equipment with us at the same time. So, you have no risk incase of an emergency.

NTI Combi Installation CHC
NTI Combi Installation CHC

Here are some of the main benefits of a professionally installed commercial boiler:

  • Energy savings: Because water is a more effective heat transference medium than air, a boiler will lower your heating costs compared to a furnace or a packaged rooftop unit.
  • Even heating: The heat that comes off the radiators, floor tubing, or baseboard heaters spreads evenly through a space, leaving no hot or cold spots that you might expect from other heating systems.
  • Air quality: The heat that comes from boilers is free from dust and other particles that furnaces and heat pumps blow around. Everyone in your building will enjoy much better air quality.
  • Save space: If you are constructing a new working space, why should you let ductwork consume a large chunk of it? Boilers use no ducts, saving space and offering flexibility.
  • Quiet operation: Want a less noisy alternative to the conventional commercial heater? Boilers operate quieter than almost any type of heating system.


Viessmann has been around for over 100 years. Inside Canada they are headquartered in Waterloo, but manufactured in Germany. Above all, with the highest quality. The Viessmann line includes high-efficiency condensing and combi boilers that achieve an AFUE rating as high as 98 percent. In other words, bringing great energy and cost savings. A few of the perks of a Viessmann boiler include easy service, quiet operation, and space-saving design.


viessmann vitodens B1KA


NTI is a Canadian manufacturer of boilers and water heaters. They’ve been around since 1967, and are based in Saint John. As a result, we carry several NTI models. Including high-efficiency models with AFUE ratings as high as 95 percent. In addition, it can be installed on the wall to save space. Many of these boilers are equipped with an easy-to-use programmable display. In other words, very user friendly.



Ranked #1 in North America for residential applications, more homeowners and business owners choose Rinnai than any other tankless water heater brand. They choose Rinnai for their 100-year commitment to quality, industry-leading warranties, and because its the first major tankless brand to manufacture in the U.S.A. The perfect combination of reliability, technology, and performance in one compact unit. The high-output Rinnai I-Series consists of heat-only and combination models that consistently provide simultaneous delivery of hot water and home heating without interruption.

rinnai i090CN Combi


Manufactured in the U.S. since 1957, a leading producer of energy-efficient water heating solutions that are radically simple, brilliantly engineered, and perfectly suited for most applications. Lochinvar focuses solely on serving each customer’s unique needs with a product portfolio including boilers, water heaters, pool heaters, cogeneration products, and commercial package systems.


Buying a Boiler: The best quality with realistic pricing

Does your boiler make a strange noise during operation? Does it fail to respond to temperature changes in your workspace? Are employees or tenants complaining? While boilers are sturdy systems, capable of withstanding years and years of use, they are not indestructible.

We offer same-day service and emergency response for commercial boiler repairs in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Let our experienced and licensed technicians diagnose the problem accurately, and then take care of the issue fast. We’ll have your business operations back up and running in no time at all.