RunTru A4AC5 Central Air Conditioner

From CAD $4,386.00

The RunTru A4AC5 Air Conditioner provides efficient cooling with a 16 SEER2 rating and is available in 1.5 to 5-ton capacities. Its superior and quiet performance ensures reliable comfort all summer long.

Prices include delivery, standard installation, and a 10-year parts and labour warranty.

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Warranty & Installation

Our pricing includes all equipment, materials, and installation time required for a professional setup of your new system. We strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure optimal performance and the right equipment fit for your home. Each system is thoroughly tested and commissioned on-site.

We are committed to the quality of our workmanship and the products we install. That’s why our systems come with some of the most comprehensive warranty coverage in the industry. The installation price includes the standard manufacturer’s warranty, with the option to extend it to cover any labour costs for future repairs.

Product Description

Stay cool all summer with the RunTru A4AC5 Air Conditioner, a reliable, budget-friendly, and efficient cooling solution for homes in the Greater Toronto Area. This high-efficiency air conditioner line offers superior and quiet performance at just 71-74 decibels. The A4AC5 series comes in various capacities, ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons, allowing homeowners to choose the perfect option based on their home size and design. The compact design of this unit makes it easier to install and allows it to fit into tighter spaces, providing maximum convenience for any home configuration.

Every model in the A4AC5 series features a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER2) of 16, ensuring excellent energy efficiency. This means that the unit can deliver high-performance cooling while helping you save on energy costs. Additionally, the A4AC5 air conditioners are designed to reduce humidity, ensuring maximum comfort even during the hottest months. The durable construction includes all-aluminum coils and a powerful scroll compressor, ensuring smooth operation and longevity for years to come.

Local Expertise and Service City Home Comfort, serving the Greater Toronto Area, brings extensive experience and local knowledge to every installation and service call. Our team understands the unique cooling needs of Toronto homes and provides tailored solutions to ensure optimal performance and energy savings. Choosing the RunTru A4AC5 Air Conditioner from City Home Comfort means you benefit from our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Product Limited Warranty: The compressor and functional parts in your RunTru A4AC5 Air Conditioner system are covered by RunTru’s 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty. Additionally, City Home Comfort provides a 10-year labor warranty, ensuring that your investment is protected and your home remains comfortable year-round.

Why Choose the RunTru A4AC5 Air Conditioner from City Home Comfort?

Choosing the RunTru A4AC5 Air Conditioner from City Home Comfort means investing in a high-efficiency, reliable, and quiet cooling solution tailored for Toronto homes. Our local expertise ensures that your air conditioner is installed correctly and performs optimally, providing you with peace of mind and enhanced comfort. With our comprehensive warranties and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust City Home Comfort to deliver exceptional service and support for your RunTru A4AC5 Air Conditioner.

Upgrade to the RunTru A4AC5 Air Conditioner and experience the benefits of efficient, quiet, and reliable cooling. Contact City Home Comfort today to learn more about our installation services and how we can help you stay cool all summer long.



Key Features:

  • High-Efficiency Cooling: 16 SEER2 rating for efficient performance.
  • Versatile Capacities: Available in 1.5 to 5-ton capacities.
  • Compact Design: Easy installation in tight spaces.
  • Durable Construction: All-aluminum coils and a powerful scroll compressor.
  • Humidity Control: Reduces humidity for enhanced comfort.
  • Quiet Operation: Operates at 71-74 decibels for a peaceful environment.


  • Efficiency Rating (SEER2): 16
  • Capacity Options: 1.5 to 5 tons
  • Sound Levels: 71-74 decibels
  • Coil Material: All-aluminum
  • Compressor Type: Scroll
  • Warranty: 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty by RunTru, 10-Year Labor Warranty by City Home Comfort


The price includes a standard, like-for-like installation within our service area. Some items may not be included and will be evaluated during the site visit.