See the complete guide about ending a rental water heater contract here.

In Ontario some new homeowners aren’t aware how to cancel rental water contracts. Learn about why not to not rent a water heater.

You may see a charge on your gas bill:

Rental Water Heater Enbridge bill; 3rd page-Charges from other Companies.

So to be clear; Enbridge Gas does not rent, sell or service water heaters..So, you need to find out the terms of your current contract and do the math.


Charges From Other Companies

The Enbridge Billing Service allows other energy
companies to include their charges on the
Enbridge Bill. If you agree to purchase a product
or service from a participating company the
charges would appear on your Enbridge bill in the
section called “Charges From Other Companies”.

This is where you can find the phone number of the billing department of your water heater rental contract.

Renting a water heater

If you want to rent a new natural gas water heater and already have a rental tank, contact your current service provider. You may currently be under contract and subject to cancellation fees.

A new Rental Water Price could be upwards of $60 dollars per month for a new tankless option. Locking you in to a contract valued at $9900 in total balance owed! Sample Image of Contract for a Reliance Agreement. See how it says 15 years!

$8500 for something valued at $3900 dollars seems a bit unfair to us.

If you own or rent an electric, oil or propane water heater and would like to switch to a natural gas model, confirm that you already have natural gas service and then contact a HVAC Contractor.

Heres a guide on how to get out of a rental water heater contract.

Most customers we get a a replacement call from ask us: “how to cancel my rental water heater”.

We suggest to gather this data first:

  1. Age of rental equipment
  2. Company currently owning or current supplier name
  3. Rental water Heater Agreement
  4. Rental Water Heater Rates

Whether you are looking on how to cancel Reliance water heater, or learning how to cancel a water heater with Enercare. You have all the rights available to get out of your rental agreement. All rental water heater companies sign your agreement with a bank.

Fair Rental Water Heater Monthly Option:


No Penalty Buy Out Open Term. The best plan is to take a finance option you can pay off anytime. This allows you to Pay lump sums and lower your monthly payment.

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